L Bolt

These are small pieces of metal which are used to give support to larger pieces of metal and to keep them together. The most common type of bolt is the L bolt.

Anchor Bolt

An anchor bolt is a solid fastener used to affix objects like plates to concrete buildings. There are several types of anchor bolts. Anchor bolts have a threaded end. To this, a nut and washer is attached so that it can lift heavy loads.

Construction Specialized Bolt

A control cable is utilized as a flexible instrumentation cable used in the electrical field. They are designed in order to serve the purpose of regulation, control, and measuring. It caters to the field of the automation process.

T Bolt

Bolt has robust clamps and therefore is manufactured with wide bands. Being wide this bands is strong enough and are further supported by bridges fitted with solid trunnions.

Foundation Bolts

Bolts are defined as ‘a form of threaded fastener with an external male thread’.  These are small pieces of metal which finds application in different fields.