“T” Bolt

Applications of T Bolt

Bolt has robust clamps and therefore is manufactured with wide bands. Being wide this bands is strong enough and are further supported by bridges fitted with solid trunnions. One of the major uses of these T bolts is that they are largely used in tidal and wind energy applications in which the T bolts attach composite blades to rotor hubs. Some of the clamps are produced with the help of T bolts are ready for heavy duty applications. A Wide range of T bolts is available which are similar to T nuts in operation. This T bolt offers a male thread extrusion for attaching modular elements to your application. The small clamps by T bolt are often strong and can function well under heavy duty applications.

Disadvantages of T Bolt

T Bolts can cause a problem while tightening as stainless steel can unpredictably sustain galling which is often known as cold welding. While doing faster tightening, a pressure builds between the contacting and sliding thread surfaces resulting in breaking of the protective oxide layer. This cumulative clogging-shearing-locking action can cause adhesion at a higher level.

T Bolts are available in special lengths and sizes to fit machine table slots. They offer fine threads which constitute smaller pitch and allow finer adjustments in applications that need such a feature. A high T bolt preload ensures that the joint is resistant to vibration without loosening and fatigue.  Practically T Bolt can be used in connection applications and clamping.

Advantages of T Bolt

T bolts are practically used for the connection applications like tensioning and clamping. These bolts are used for determining the maximum tensile strength and are placed in T slots in the machine table. With the help of T bolts, T bolt clamps are used which are a hose clamp equipped with T bolt and can be easily and efficiently tightened by a hex nut. These are extensively used to seal liquid or air connections on the hoses. T Bolts are comparatively light weighted i.e. each unit weighs 75 g approx. T Bolts are considered as most cost effective solution as they offer removable seat fixing. Because of the usage of fine threads, they can be more easily tapped into hard materials and thin-walled tubes.

Features of T Bolt

T Bolt has various features which makes them different from other bolts. These bolts are designed to be used in high vibrations and large diameter applications. The maintenance costs of the bolts are comparatively low. These bolts often provide uniform sealing pressure for a positive seal. T bolts are basically used in applications providing high diameter which are common in heavy trucks, industrial machinery, off-road equipment, agriculture irrigation, and machinery. These Bolts are very simple to install and does not create any problems during the installation. The replacement parts are easily available that makes it one of the best one to work upon.

Bolt is a screw-like metal object without a point, used with a nut to fasten things together. Bolt is often misunderstood with screws as it is closely related with screws. Both of the bolts and screws differ each other in their purpose i.e.  Between the functions of bolts and screws there is a large overlap between the two.

One such type of bolt with a head of square or rectangle shape intended to fit a T slot. When a standard hexagon bolt is pushed through a slot nut hole without using any of the thread the bolt is referred to as a T bolt. A T Bolt which is also known as T-Slot Bolt is generally stronger than T-Slot Nut and hex- head cap screw. T Bolt is forged from a solid material. It is manufactured by carbon alloy and steel alloy material and uses the process of threading and forging.

A Process of creating a screw thread is termed as threading. Thread Rolling is one such type of threading process which is different from other threading processes like cutting, grinding and chasing. Thread rolling process is a simple cold forging process which confined entirely to the external threads. The rolled threads thus produced after the rolling process possesses improved physical characteristics which result in greater accuracy and a high degree of surface finish.

On the other hand, Forging is a process of manufacturing in which metal is pressed or squeezed under a great pressure into some high strength parts which are termed as forging. In this process of forging lubricant is used which helps to prevent the sticking of the workpiece with a die and also acts as a thermal insulator and helps the wear and tear on the die. This process offers an advantage that the parts produced by these methods possess the high strength to weight ratio and hence used in the design of aircraft frames.

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