Control Cable

A control cable is utilized as a flexible instrumentation cable used in the electrical field. They are designed in order to serve the purpose of regulation, control, and measuring. It caters to the field of the automation process. The control cables are those cables which are controllable and observable. It can also be imposed in multiple inputs and multiple outputs system. Their response can also be represented by steady-state equations. There are several sorts of cables used for power transmission. Though most of the cables are PVC cables, XLPE cables, and control cables.

The control cables are manufactured with covers, PVC insulation, and a translucent PVC sheath. The transparent sheathing determines the indications of deterioration, corrosion or contamination can be recognized with ease. On the run, the control cables are a complete variety and in this area of the automation process, you would most possibly listen about the three kinds of control cables such as CY, SY, and YY.  The control cables are also known as robotic cables, motor cable, cable, multi-core, and control flex. The CY is termed as the screened flexible cable, YY is unscreened or unshielded control cable and as for the SY is called the shielded flex.

Some of the most important factors that must be considered while selecting control cables is their conductivity (it should be good), holding temperature, and its insulation efficiency (it should be high too).

Control cables as their name hints, transfer signals to control the functioning of an equipment. Relating to the class of instrumentation cables, these cables accommodate delivery of data or signals that have mean voltage. Devised specifically for computerization controls, these cables have a copper conductor, which is wrapped in galvanized steel mesh. Normally applied for regions that need less than one ampere, these cables can transmit signals up to 40 volts. These cables normally have a PVC insulation that protects them from repercussions and hard climatic conditions.

Power cables are cables, which carry both high energy and low energy from the root to the equipment. Specially designed to high-grade suit active and neutral environment, these cables exhibit a solid outer sheath which resembles that of ordinary Control cables. The outer sheath of the Power cables with its extensive strength and protection permits the cables to shift a high volume of energy without any tension or strain. Unlike Control cables, Power cables oftentimes have a different color code system that separates the high voltage carriers from their low voltage counterparts.


Applications of L Bolt

There are several types of control cables which includes PC cables, discreet cables, custom build to specification cables, electromechanical assemblies, ribbon cables, network cables, wire harnesses, coaxial (RF) cables, circular connector cables and other communication cables

In today’s scenario, control cables are used in many processes and motorization processes. These cables are applied in

  • Building and construction
  • Railway and transport industries
  • Power networks
  • Transmission distribution

Disadvantages of L Bolt

  • There is a loss of energy in control cables. This loss depends upon their intensity of resistivity. If the material of the control cable is copper than it would show lower loss of energy but if the material of control cables is aluminum than it may lead to more energy loss.
  • Energy loss in control wire may hinder the quality of power or signal transmitted.


  • Control cables are manufactured with such materials that they become resistant to high temperature and therefore easily operate at high temperatures without melting.
  • Moreover, such control cables are highly durable with proper insulations. Such features add on to its property of delivering an outstanding mechanical and abrasion performance.
  • The cables size is small and sleek. This makes it easy to handle, easy to apply and even saves up space.
  • The control cables are known to endure less resistivity and good stability against fatigue.
  • Most of the control cables are good in strength, good in flexibility and have a great corrosion resistance.
  • A high value of safety is obtained via control cables. Though, copper cables become less hot than aluminum when the same amount of current is passed through them.


  • Efficient in transmitting signals to quite a long distance. Such cables mostly vary their transmission according to the distance of transmission. As mostly control cables are made up of PVC material. These PVC cables are non-hygroscopic insulated.
  • They are moisture resistant and do not have any sort of effect on transmission due to moisture hindrance.
  • PVC material also provides total protection against numerous forms of chemical and electrolytic corrosion.
  • They are a resilient sheath with high toughness.
  • They persist an excellent fire resisting quality. They even are fabricated in such a way that they have zero effect on vibration.
  • The control cables are mostly fabricated from alloyed materials which offer 20 to 40% elongation, therefore the average elongation of 30% is seen in copper cables. Whereas, the aluminum alloys register an elongation of 18%.
  • When compared to the control cables, copper cables are more capable of bearing much higher stress than aluminum control cables.

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