HT Cable

Cables are used for the transmission of electric current to the electrical devices to turn them into operating conditions. Electric cables are comprised of components like conductors, insulators, and protective jackets. Their purpose is to transmit the electric power.

Electric cables are desired to be made flexible for their shipping and installing conveniences. Due to this reason, they are used in automated machinery, robotics, and machine tools. 

Depending upon their usability and the ease to fit in, there are several types of electric cables such as Coaxial cables, Ribbon cable, Twisted Pair Cable and Shielded cable. High voltage cables are applicable to the voltage of above 1000V. They are generally of 50kV while those below 50kV falls under the category of medium voltage cables. The conductors which constitute the power cables are comprised of copper and aluminium. They provide a connection and allows the electronic devices to work or charge accordingly. They are commonly composed of copper as copper is a good conductor of electricity of about 58.5x10E6 Siemens/m and a density of 8.9g/cmᶾ.

About HT

High Tension(HT) supply is applicable for bulk power purchasers who need 11 kilo-volts or above. They are different from low voltage cables that they have additional internal layers in the insulation jacket to control the electric field around the conductor. Often a high voltage cable has a metallic shield layer over the insulation designed to equalize the dielectric stress on the insulation layer. Longest high voltage cables are often used as submarine cables under the ocean for power transmission.


It consists of one or more conductors, insulation, and a protective jacket. Cables for power distribution of 10KV or higher may be insulated with oil and paper, for higher voltages it may be kept under pressure to prevent the formation of voids. Most high voltage cables for power transmission are insulated with a sheath of XLPE(cross-linked polyethylene). Terminals of high-voltage cables must manage the electric fields at the ends.

High tension cables comprise of XLPE which is used to increase the abrasion resistance and environmental stress cracking resistance. These cables have an advantage of higher current carrying capacity as it comprises of higher permissible continuous conductor temperature which is up to 90° C.

Polycab which is considered to be one of the largest manufacturer of a variety of cables includes High Tension XLPE cables. The cross-linked XLPE have better electrical, mechanical and thermal properties with a much-reduced weight and comparatively small in dimension.

High Tension cable wires auspicate a circular conductor which is covered first with a semi conducting screen layer then the XLPE insulation, followed by the outer semiconducting core screen. Also, these cables compose of higher short circuit ratings as a short circuit temperature of about 250°C can be resisted by XLPE. High tension wires generally comprise of aluminum and also in few cases copper wires are used in medium voltage distributions and low voltage connections.

Speaking of the support system of electrical energy supply, high voltage cable systems are considered best of all as for performing the operations in megacities and expansion of power supply, high voltage cable systems are used. High tension cables have an extremely low dielectric loss which is considered as a very important factor for HV cables. The design of these cables is met with specific requirements which constitute high service and performance. Also, these cables are known well for Low-temperature impact strength.


  • Low dielectric loss.
  • Resistant to vibration, moisture, chemical and corrosive gases.
  • High emergency load capacity.
  • Free from height limitation and maintenance.
  • High continuous current rating.
  • Higher short circuit rating.

High Tension Wires

In high tension wires, the insulation system must be effective and stronger so that it must have an ability to deal with the high voltage stress which is up to 50kV. While manufacturing these cables the following factors such as excellent heat aging, wet electrical stability etc. must be kept in mind. Also, reliability and flexibility are yet another key factors of the high tension cable wires.

A high voltage cable includes conductor and insulator and is suitable for being run underground or under water. Often the high voltage cable will have a metallic shield layer over the insulation connected to the ground and designed to equalize the dielectric stress on insulation layers. These wires are extremely light in weight and it possesses an ability to join and terminate with smaller bending radius.

Thus, a High tension cable wire is one which has an ability to carry a very powerful electric current and a high degree of electromotive force. Its operations include carrying more than 1000V between conductors and require the use of high tension AC power lines that can prevent the process of contamination.


Various tests are conducted to distinguish fully functional cables from faulty ones. Paper cables are tested with DC insulation resistance tests. The common test for solid dielectric cable system is the partial discharge test.

Product Details

Minimum Order Quantity100 Meter
Conductor MaterialCopper
Number of Cores3
Current Rated3.3 KV

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