LT Cable

Power cables are used for transmission of electric power. They are basically the combination of electrical conductors held in a single sheath. They come in various sizes, materials, and types. As mentioned earlier, it is a group of components like conductors(at least two conducting wires), insulators and protective jackets.

The insulation of a high voltage cable consists of XLPE, which is short for Cross-linked polyethylene. XLPE has cross-linked bonds in a polymer structure, changing the thermoplastic to thermoset. It is used in the pipework system for building purposes, radiant heating and cooling system, and insulation for high tension electric cables. It has a wide range of use as it has an increasing crosslinking density which enhances the temperature properties.

According to the report by International Standard Specification, Low Tension cables are manufactured by KEI Industries with PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) or XLPE insulation of voltage grade up to 3.3KV. Though many more industries like Havells and Gemscab Industries who fabricate these cables using annealed bare electrolytic copper, Solid/Stranded conforming to IS:8130:1894. The insulation is done using PVC compound for the regular manufacturing but also by using XLPE in special demands.

About LT

Low Tension(LT) line is a low voltage line, in India LT supply is of 400 volts for three phase connection and 230 volts for single phase connection. Cable is a transmission medium, an insulated wire or wires having a protective covering and is used for transmission of electricity and various signals. LT cables are made of copper and aluminum to offer better conductivity. They are available in single core and multicore configurations.


Poly Vinyl Chloride is also preferred over XLPE in some cases as PVC is categorized as a tough and light material owing to its better flexibility. It is made more flexible by the addition of plasticizers. However, they do not withstand high temperatures and are not recommended for more than11kV voltages. They are very cheap and readily available which makes them a much better option to work with. They are very light weighted due to their composition.  Moreover, they have a great tensile strength due to which they are preferred more in the industry.

Characteristics of Low tension Cables

Low tension power cables are subjected to operate under low voltage conditions. The conductors used for the manufacturing of low tension cables are comprised of aluminum and copper as they are very good conductors of electricity. Low tension power cables have high current carrying capacity, i.e., a very large amount of electric current is carried by them before sustaining immediately or progressive deterioration.

 It is necessary for the cables to minimize the loss of energy that goes into heating a dielectric material in a varying electric field. Low tension cables have very less dielectric losses.   

 Low tension power cables are used on AC voltage up to and including 1100V or DC up to and including 1500V. They have a size of 1.4 Sq. mm. and 2.5 Sq. mm.

Low tension power cables have good resistance to chemical oils. Due to their advantages, they are in a very high demand.

 They are very easy and comfortable to work with as they do not have much of any restrictions regarding their installation as they can be elevated up to any length. Neither do they have a tendency to get dilapidated due to vibrations. 

 Further, they can be classified to armored and non armoured power cables. Armoured cables are those cables which have a layer of mechanical protection added to the structure of the cable. it is done so as to increase the mechanical strength of the cable and improve the anti-erosion ability. It is also susceptible to mechanical damage and highly erodible areas designed for telephone cables.

Un armored cables are the cables that are composed of several sets of wires in each group and at least two of them are twisted like a rope. They do not have any extra layer of protection and so does not provide a protection for mechanical damage of the cables.

 Low power cables may be installed as permanent wiring within the buildings, exposed or unexposed, for the transmission of electric power.


  • LT power cable

They are used in electrical transmission in industrial units, panel board wiring, control systems etc. They are unaffected by water, oil, and gas. These wires are also flame retardant and don’t support combustion.

  • PVC LT power cable

They are installed in residential buildings, commercial buildings, and other electrical installations. The PVC used in cables enhances the life of wires. Their features are abrasion, corrosion resistance, high on short circuit rating, lightweight etc.

  • XLPE LT power cable

Xlpe or cross-linked polyethylene cable are installed in underground and overhead transmissions. It can handle higher current ratings that make it possible for using one lower size of cable in comparison to PVC.

Product Details

Minimum Order Quantity100 Meter
Size1.5 Sq. mm & 2.5 Sq. mm
Voltage1500 V
Number of CoresUp to 61 Cores

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