Solar Cable

Solar cable is the interconnection cable utilized in photovoltaic power generation. A solar wire interconnects solar panels and different electrical components with the photovoltaic arrangement. Solar cables are meant to be UV resistant and weather immune. It can be applied to a high-temperature range and are frequently laid on outdoor sites.  Most of the solar cables are manufactured with materials such as Zero-Halogen Polyolefin compound, cross-linked Polyolefin compound, and Annealed Tinned Copper conductor.

Solar photovoltaic in today’s scenario is computed after hydro and wind power. It is the third most significant and vital renewable energy source in terms of globally established and operating capacity. This follows in the high need for ‘SOLAR CABLE’. Solar cable is the interconnection cable utilized in photovoltaic power production. A solar cable interconnects solar panels with other electrical components in the photovoltaic system. Solar energy with transmission through solar cable has met a new level of the environment-friendly shift. And Solar Cable has performed to its extraordinary standards of application in its distinct usage.

The quest for an alternate energy guided the world to explore solar energy. Once the identification was done, it demanded to be channelized for optimal practice. Solar cables are effective in connecting the solar panels and other components. The solar industry is thriving and solar cables comprising a requisite part of the industry are in exceptional demand. Green technology is something which will be trending in near future and by adopting solar cables, the world is nearing that expectation.

Solar cables are remarkably flexible and dampness resistant. It opposes abrasion as well. These cables are essentially designed to join photovoltaic power supply systems. These wires can face harsh weather conditions. Hence, they can be connected outdoors as well. The fittings can be rigid as well as flexible. Its UV resistant characteristic, enables it to be installed in a high-temperature region.

Solar cables are famous for their engineering strength. The metal mesh casing following the cable acts as a guard against over-voltage. The adjustable nature of the solar cables assures that they are efficiently installed and are not harmed during the process.

Features of L Bolt

  • The chemical features associated with solar cable are their resistance to alkaline and acids, their resistance to mineral oils and they are weather resistant too.
  • The thermal features of the solar cable include a minimum operating temperature of around – 40-degree Celsius. Moreover, the maximum conducting temperature of solar cables may be – 120-degree Celsius during 20000 hours.
  • Mechanically solar cables are resistant to abrasion, tear and certain kinds of impacts.
  • They sustain a minimum bending radius of more than four times of its original diameter.
  • The solar cables have a 50 N/sqmm of safe pulling force.

Insulation is a key factor when it comes to cables and coils. The padding should be able to persist upon high thermal as well as mechanical loads. For achieving that design, cables and coils use plastic, which has been cross-linked with the guidance of an electron beam. The end product demands to be resistant towards the salt water, alkaline solutions, and acids. It’s important to note that when you are buying your solar cable, make sure that it has all the above-mentioned features.


Mostly the solar cables are used for wiring the photovoltaic installations outside or inside the buildings. The solar cables encompass a wide variety of applications for several sorts of mounting systems, cabling, wiring, in inverters, switches, battery charger or bank and et cetera.

With renewable energy budding in today’s scenario, solar cables are used in several processes and automation processes. These cables are applied in

  • Building and construction
  • Railway and transport industries
  • Power networks
  • Transmission distribution

Product Details

Minimum Order Quantity100 Meter
Insulation MaterialXLPE
Length15-45 m


  • Lifetime reliability endures up to 30 years despite operating under difficult external conditions.
  • Rustic endurance: resists extreme temperatures (-40°C to 120°C maximum at the core) and they are also ozone repellent.
  • UV resistant, full shield towards ultraviolet rays.
  • Halogen-free i.e. Low Smoke Emission & Low Toxicity/Corrosivity when a fire.
  • Its properties against fire include it being flame retardant and fire retardant.
  • Adaptability and stripability, which ensures its operation for fast and easy installation.
  • They are fully recyclable, in accordance with new environmental regulations.
  • Straightforward installation with color identification (blue, red).
  • Suitable to common connector types.


The disadvantages of the solar cable are their initial setup cost. Though there are numerous benefits of utilizing solar cables for power transmission due to their high initial setup cost. Installation fees with equipment for wiring, inverter, batteries and solar panels are of high cost. Therefore, it is a major disadvantage for choosing solar cable over other power transmission cables.

Though less in intensity, solar energy has been associated with pollution. As the installation and transportation done for setting up any solar systems with solar cables is associated with the emission of greenhouse gases.

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