End Plug

End plugs are wireless devices that are almost available everywhere and are shipped easily. These are sophisticated devices which make your work way easier. A handful of end plug assortments are present in the market. These are valuable for enthusiasts of home entertainment. There are people who are confused with the concept of end plug. They may either be electronic, plastic (made of polyethylene), metallic, brass, etc. The end plugs may come in different variations and it is the quality that matters. End plugs may be coloured or black and white depending on the demand, requirement and the kind of purpose they serve. End plugs are available in shops too but it is advisable to compare the prices and buy online. There are various sites offering end plugs you should switch on to the best one you feel like. End plugs are distinguished on terms of their features too. They can be used in electrical switches or in astral pipes. Different devices demand different end plugs. Customers should have clear in their mind the kind of end plugs they want. Thus, availability solely depends on the preferences. Different end plugs are made of different products and inculcate various advantages and disadvantages.

Standard Measurement

Height – 2 inch
Width – 3.1 inch
Length – 3.0-3.1 inch
Weight – 3.52 ounces
Material — Nylon or plastic
Color — Black

Features of End Plugs

End Plugs have a large demand from various sectors. Manufacturers usually restrict themselves to a standard size but in some cases industrial guidelines are followed when end plugs are manufactured to comply to their requirements. The manufacturers look into the quality of the end plugs also. The parameters on which they are checked are –

  • Crack resistivity 

The end plugs have great crack resistivity. As it is made of plastic or nylon, these do not suffer from cracks even when stretched or crumbled to fit in a narrow area.

  • High endurance

The end plugs are so manufactured that they have a high endurance capacity. They can endure large load without undergoing any type deformation in the shape or appearance.

  • High tolerance 

The end plugs have a high tolerance. These can be used outdoors as well indoors. End plugs can withstand high pressure and temperature levels. So even if exposed to extreme conditions, end plugs continue to be able to serve its purpose.

  • Longevity 

End plugs are known to last for a very long time. As they are crack resistant and do not succumb to extreme conditions, these have a high longevity.

Advantages and Disadvantages of End Plug

The end plugs serve a lot of purpose. Such useful products have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. The major feature which gives these plugs both a advantage and disadvantage in the market, is the small size of the product.

End plugs, having small dimensions are able to fit into anything and are adjustable in the narrow corners. These are able to fit into almost any small gaps. If any part of a system or machine falls of, thus plug is able to act as a replacement. The best example for this are the bar end plugs used in bike handles. This factor increases the demand of end plugs among the suppliers.

However, end plugs also fail to be able to have a wider range of use because of its size. End plugs being too small often fails to meet the requirements in major parts of industrial set ups. Here the item falls short in length as the frameworks are often large. Nonetheless, this disadvantage can be overcome by manufacturing end plugs of required sizes. Although this can be an expensive option, it serves the purpose.

As end plugs are usually cheaper and are sold in bulk, they get an additional advantage over other plugs available in the market. Their availability is also higher than the normal plugs.

Applications of End Plug

The best and the common use of end plugs are as bar end plugs. These bar end plugs are used as end caps for bike handles or bicycle handles. When the end cap falls off the handle of your vehicle these small end plugs come in handy. These are often required by the industries where the vehicle is manufactured. Suppliers of the end plugs also receive orders from the service and repair centres. Due to their small size and these are also found to be a serve purpose for drill laterals where they are used as an end plug in. The drill laterals are fitted with an end plug along with an adjustable cramp to fit in. The end plugs also come with built-in HDPE ducts to provide strength and flexibility.

Final words

In your day to day life, you often come across tiny pieces which helps things keep in their places. End plugs are one of such useful products which can do wonders without making any hassle. It is easy to use and easy to install and also easy to get rid off. These do not wore out any time soon and once it serves a purpose it can be reused any number of times. Due its longevity, end plugs manage to stay around for a long time . End cap is an extremely low cost solution for any sort of end cap use.

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