Flag Mast

Take the term Flag Mast, all we would remember is the icy peaks of Kargil. As for Indians, we are so proud of our culture and tradition with enough love for our flag. How many times have we thought about the mast that keeps the victorious flag flying its colors, spreading happiness and proudness amongst us. Not just India, this applies to all the citizens of every other country out there.

Flag Mast manufacturers are not really plenty in our country. In the few, only a limited number of companies work on everything – right from the design to all the process steps, ending up with the installation of flag masts.

The Integrity Level

Now, we must understand that a flag mast is not just any other pole. Considering the quality becomes highly important here. The design is also an equally important factor as it is one reason your flag pole stands tall and still through the bad weather. In fact, the taller the flag mast is, the higher the pressure becomes. It has to tolerate the wind and speed according to its height and weight. Considering such crucial factors, it is vital to take small steps and discuss all of it with the flag manufacturers before you make a choice.

Flag Masts is usually showcased to present the strength and solidarity of our glorious country, hence, the cautions.

Several Questions - Different Answers

Most of the consumers out there understand the vitality and therefore, it is natural that a lot of questions arise accordingly. The basic questions can be sorted out when we understand the purpose of the flag mast – commercial or residential. What you need to decide is how tall you expect the flagpole to be. If you are a residential customer, it could be around 20’ – 25’ while the commercial users might have an extreme variety of requirement.

Let us say you run a business, school or any governmental agency, the flagpole design must hold up to the standard and must look attractive in the front. Here, you can choose estate, continental, sentry or Independent series.

If you are a residential customer, you can pick from these preferred two – base model of estate or the telescoping flagpole. Let us take a brief look at the types of Flagpoles for a better understanding.

Types Of Flag Masts

  • Estate Model Flagpole

Usually, such flagpoles comes in comes in sizes that range from 15′- 35′ and hold base models and top line models. In general, the base models are preferred when you have a budget, especially. The major difference between the base models and the top line models is that the latter is much stable and resistant to the bad weather than the former. The top line models are better if your area experiences frequent high wind and require something with a thicker base to resist it. The other one, however, has an external rope attached to a cleat and this is mounted to the flagpole.

  • Continental Style Flagpoles

The continental style flagpoles, also specified to have a flag mast and a pulley, are good suits if you have a brief budget and quality is the only thing that concerns you. The available sizes are 20’ – 80’. The advantage of choosing a continental type is the revolving truck that comes along. The flag can swivel and reduce the risk of the rope getting tangled on the flag pole. When you have experienced such errors frequently, it is good to choose continental ones.  It also comes with a flash collar that goes on the bottom of the flagpole that finishes off the look nicely. If you are looking to add this flash collar and truck to the estate type, there is a possibility given that you invest more.

  • Sentry model flagpoles

The Sentry model flagpole, also known as the Flagpole Truck and Pulley with Ornament comes in sizes 20’-40’. This is pretty popular due to how it runs internally inside the flagpole and attaches using a cleat that resides inside a locked door. For a cleaner look and reduce the theft threats, these long, stable ropes and its flagpole is a choice, especially for commercial purposes.

  • Independence Model Flagpoles

Being a premium model, this tops the list. With stainless steel halyard instead of rope, this stands tall and stable like forever

  • Telescoping Flagpoles

As one of the best-selling types, telescoping flagpoles are loved by the customers for a lot of reasons. The absence of rope or pulley and the presence of “easy raise by clicking in” are two major reasons why people love it. In fact, they have the ability to fly two flags from them and the flags swivel in the wind, thereby, reducing tangling issues.

Final Words

Flag masts have its own benefits apart from showing the pride of our country. Once done, they also act as a landmark for the area. This is not to say that flags are only for signs but to say that they can serve the purpose as a sign with the added elegance.

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