Signage Mast

Signage Mast have found importance in various fields. Nowadays it is in demand by most of the leading companies. It is in fact one of the most in demand product in the market. Manufacturers of Signage Mast have been working on upgrading the quality of Signage Mast so that it lasts longer. You will probably come across this signage mast in petrol pumps, substations, gas station or along highways. You will also find them outside every McDonald’s outlet. Let us see what are the advantages, disadvantages and features of these popular Signage Mast.

Features of Signage Mast

Signage Mast are usually quite high. They are about seven to nine feet tall or more than that depending on the type and surroundings. These are usually used for giving out a sign. This can be a warning sign, a cautionary sign, a sign showing directions or simply a location. The information that is conveyed through the signage mast help drivers and pedestrians get the message from a far distance. A signage mast allows drivers get an estimate about the distance and the direction to head. The signage mast at gas station and petrol pumps are high enough to be visible from a distance so that drivers can consider for a refilling of their tank beforehand.

The signage mast manufacturers ensure three basic features in the product – water resistivity, fine finishing and longevity. Some signage mast are recently being manufactured which are digitalised. These serve various purpose of advertising and creating awareness or giving directions. These are upgraded versions which can be installed anywhere. The digitalised Mast quite naturally have a higher price. But with price comes convenience. Digital Signage Mast can convey different signs and directions and can be changed whenever you want. In the regular signage mast, changing signs is not an easy option. Signage Mast are hassle free.

Advantages of Signage Mast

The signage mast gives signal or direction to drivers on highways. The advantages of Signage Mast is owing to their height which grabs attention from a very far distance. The Mast owing to their height often makes them more likely to last longer. These Mast mostly have a head structure with four sides which can be used for promotion or advertising purposes. The signage mast have a major advantage of durability over other masts. These are corrosion resistant and maintenance cost is quite low. Manufacturers of Signage Mast take into account details of the size and structure of the Mast so as to project the right idea. Some of the signage mast also have light bulbs fixed making it easier for travelers on the road understand tutee signs and directions. The Mast also acts as a landmark in most of the deserted areas. Digital Mast signage also provides a better platform for promotion as well as giving signal. These Mast can also send signals overseas.

Disadvantages of Signage Mast

The Signage Mast have a high installation cost which surfaces as the major disadvantage it posses in comparison to regular Mast. The maintenance cost however is low. Having said that, if Signage Mast are ignored for too long, over the years it tends to corrode. It can even lead to accidents on roads if the signage mast is beyond repair. Another difficulty with signage mast is also its height. When the signs on the Mast needs to be changed, the process is quite stressful. The only matter concern is the restoration of Signage Mast. In case if Singapore Mast, another disadvantage is that due to its elevation travellers almost fail to notice the signs. This practically fails its purpose. Even digitization of Signage Mast has a disadvantage. The led screen if exposed to extreme weather can be damaged. These call for replacement which again will cost you a fortune. In lightning prone areas, these signage mast could be a dangerous.

Final words

The Signage Mast is a very useful product which is been used in most places these days. It offers help to travellers and pedestrians get an idea of directions. Signage Mast are mostly installed in deserted areas. In such places, directions and cautionary signs need to visible from a wide range. The signage mast have gained its importance due to its height. When you go for a long drive, these are the signs which help you find your way around. These Mast serve a practical purpose as well as a promotional tool. Their high demand is because of this reason. It makes them much more popular than other Mast. The digital signage mast has also a great impact in terms of marketing.

Product Details

Minimum Order Quantity1 Number
Body MaterialAluminum, Stainless Steel
Pole Height20-50 feet

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