DWC Sewerage Pipes

DWC pipes are easily available in the market for a reasonable price. There are traders who provide pipes in bulk when required for a big project. The unit length at which DWC is usually sold is 6 meters. The size and the diameter of the pipes varies.

DWC Pipes

DWC pipes are the most used pipes these days. They find their use in many fields and thus they are always in demand. You might have seen these in your house itself, connected to your washing machines for outlet.

HDPE Single Wall Corrugated Pipe

HDPE Single Wall Corrugated Pipes are widely used in sewage systems, flood controls and drainage systems. These pipes are used to keep the fields, farms, parks and playing grounds dry by channeling away excess underground moisture. It is one of the easy-to-install solutions for all the drainage problems.


HDPE DWC stands for High Density Polyethylene Double wall corrugated. Double wall corrugated pipes have a different internal and external surface structure. This makes them more sturdier and long lasting than normal HDPE pipes.

Double Wall Corrugated Pipes

Pipes are commonly used in all households to pump out gases or waste water or pump in water from the tanks or from the motors. Pipes are also used as an outward casing for wirings and such. The designs and structures of pipes vary during manufacturing itself, based on the area of its use.