DWC Pipe

DWC pipes or Double Wall Corrugated pipes are the most used pipes these days. They find their use in many fields and thus they are always in demand. You might have seen these in your house itself, connected to your washing machines for outlet. DWC pipes are easily available in the market for a reasonable price. They have several advantages over other pipes which makes them a popular choice.

Features of DWC pipes

  • Double Walled
    DWC pipes have double walls which makes these pipes extra durable and strong. They are more sturdy and lasts longer than the normal single walled pipes.
  • Corrugated Shape
    The Corrugated shape of DWC pipes makes them more compression resistant. That is, when the pipes are compressed by an external force , they provide more resistivity to the force thus protecting the pipe from damage. The shape prevents bending of the pipes.
  • Raw Materials
    The materials used for manufacturing DWC pipes are raw. Very minimal raw materials are used. Thus the manufacturing cost is quite low. The materials used are also safe in respect to the environment.
  • Light Weight
    The pipes are very light in weight but are able to bear heavy loads.
  • Minimum leakage and infiltration
    The pipes do not report of leakages and infiltration. The joints of these pipes are strong which do not allow any leaking to occur.


  • Environment friendly
    The materials used for DWC pipes do not possess any threat to the environment. They are safe to use and unlike other regular pipes, are environment friendly. These pipes are also recyclable.
  • Able to bear heavy loads
    The strength of the DWC pipes are good owing to their structure and materials used. The double walls allow these pipes to bear heavy loads. The Corrugated shape prevents the bending of these pipes thus protecting it from breakage.
  • Easy connection
    These pipes can be easily connected to other pipes or systems. Due to this feature, DWC pipes are often used in underground sewage systems. They come in standard sizes.
  • Non flammable materials
    The materials used for manufacturing DWC by some companies are non flammable. This makes sure that when these pipes are used in a household or a factory, these do not catch fire.
  • Anti Rodent Properties
    Some manufacturers of DWC pipes includes Anti Rodent Properties in the pipes which makes the last long without corroding.
  • Inner smooth layer
    The inner walls of DWC pipes are made smooth with lubricant like silicone. This allows a frictionless passage through the pipe. This reduces loss of energy and also prevents corrosion.
  • Greater longevity
    DWC pipes have greater longevity than the regular pipes and that is the main advantage it has over the others pipes available in the market.
  • Flexible
    The flexibility of these pipes are unparalleled to the other pipes. They do not suffer from cracks even when stretched.
  • Low operational cost
    After installing these pipes, the operational cost of DWC pipes are almost nil. Even during installation, there is no heavy duty equipment required. The storage and handling of these pipes is quite easy.

How does DWC pipes work?

The DWC pipes have double layered walls with a Corrugated shape which allows these pipes to pass heavy loads despite being light in weight.

How to buy DWC pipes?

DWC pipes are easily available in the market for a reasonable price. There are traders who provide pipes in bulk when required for a big project. The unit length at which DWC is usually sold is 6 meters. The size and the diameter of the pipes varies. While buying you need to check the internal diameter and the external diameter of the pipe. Basically you need to have an idea about the thickness of the pipe. The industrial DWC pipes have a size of 40-300 mm. These are mostly used as sewage pipes and rain drainage pipes. Different dealers sell DWC pipes in different parameters. Some in unit length and some in length. The average rate is about 100 INR per unit or 200 INR per meter.

What to check while buying DWC pipes?

The main features that you require to check while buying Double Walled Corrugated pipes is the material and the strength. These pipes can come for a very cheap price but when the rate is low, the quality is compromised. The brand of the pipes determine how long the pipes will last. If you are buying for purposes like sewage or drainage, you must make sure the pipes are durable.

Available sizes of HDPE DWC pipes

NoNominal IDStiffness ClassLength(Mtr)
175SN4 or SN86 Mtr.
295SN4 or SN86 Mtr.
3102SN4 or SN86 Mtr.
4132SN4 or SN86 Mtr.
5150SN4 or SN86 Mtr.
6175SN4 or SN86 Mtr.
7200SN4 or SN86 Mtr.
8250SN4 or SN86 Mtr.
9300SN4 or SN86 Mtr.
10400SN4 or SN86 Mtr.
11500SN4 or SN86 Mtr.
12600SN4 or SN86 Mtr.
13790SN4 or SN86 Mtr.
14995SN4 or SN86 Mtr.

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