DWC Sewerage Pipe

What to check while buying DWC pipes?

Pipes placed underground require special provisions and durable designs to withstand wear and tear that pipes placed above the surface do not suffer from. Nowadays people prefer HDPE double wall corrugated pipes to lay underground for water transportation and such. HDPE double wall corrugated pipes are similar to normal HDPE pipes, except that they have two different designs on the interior and exterior surface of the pipes. HDPE stands for High-Density polyethene, which is extremely durable and offers a high life expectancy. They do not require much maintenance and can be installed underground without any care or constant cleaning even for years. Another unique feature of HDPE double wall corrugated pipes is that its inner wall is smooth-surfaced and polished to facilitate uniform flow of water, whereas its outer surface is profiled and corrugated to stand even under excessive load above the surface with optimum strength. Underground drainage and sewer application

  • Disposal of industrial effluents.
  • Storm water drainage.
  • Rainwater harvesting and ground water recharge.
  • Road/highway cross drainage.


  • Extremely light weight and strong.
  • Almost 60% of the weight is removed by setting up solid walled pipes.
  • The corrugated design gives the required strength for the outer wall to withstand pressure and forces in the soil.
  • Due to low weight, it can be easily set up with less manpower itself, and can be installed even in cramped areas.
  • Leakage-proof
  • Leakages are extremely unlikely due to the tight joints and firm design of the structure.
  • They come in sizes slightly longer than normal pipes, which reduces the number of joints and the chances of leakages.
  • Flexibility

How does DWC pipes work?

The DWC pipes have double layered walls with a Corrugated shape which allows these pipes to pass heavy loads despite being light in weight.

How to buy DWC pipes?

DWC pipes are easily available in the market for a reasonable price. There are traders who provide pipes in bulk when required for a big project. The unit length at which DWC is usually sold is 6 meters. The size and the diameter of the pipes varies. While buying you need to check the internal diameter and the external diameter of the pipe. Basically you need to have an idea about the thickness of the pipe. The industrial DWC pipes have a size of 40-300 mm. These are mostly used as sewage pipes and rain drainage pipes. Different dealers sell DWC pipes in different parameters. Some in unit length and some in length. The average rate is about 100 INR per unit or 200 INR per meter.

What to check while buying DWC pipes?

The main features that you require to check while buying Double Walled Corrugated pipes is the material and the strength. These pipes can come for a very cheap price but when the rate is low, the quality is compromised. The brand of the pipes determine how long the pipes will last. If you are buying for purposes like sewage or drainage, you must make sure the pipes are durable.

Available sizes of HDPE DWC Sewerage pipes

Sizes OD/ID

40 mm/32 mm

100/200/500 Mtrs.

100/200/500 Mtrs.

50mm / 38 mm

100 Mtrs.

63mm / 50 mm

6 Mtrs. & 30 Mtrs.

77mm / 63 mm

6 Mtrs. & 30 Mtrs.

90mm / 75 mm

6 Mtrs. & 30 Mtrs.

110mm / 95 mm

6 Mtrs. & 30 Mtrs.

120mm / 103.5 mm

6 Mtrs.

125mm / 107 mm

6 Mtrs.

160mm / 136 mm

6 Mtrs.

180mm / 163 mm

6 Mtrs.

200mm / 175 mm

6 Mtrs.

300mm / 260 mm

6 Mtrs.

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