HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe

Pipes are commonly used in all households to pump out gases or waste water or pump in water from the tanks or from the motors. Pipes are also used as an outward casing for wirings and such. The designs and structures of pipes vary during manufacturing itself, based on the area of its use. Pipes placed underground are specifically designed to withstand the load and actions of soil and traffic in the buried condition. Pipes that are placed open or nailed on walls have to be leak-proof to avoid wastage of water or unnecessary dripping in open areas. Such is the significance of pipe designs according to its uses in the domestic point of view.
As mentioned above, pipes placed underground require special provisions and durable designs to withstand wear and tear that pipes placed above the surface do not suffer from. Nowadays people prefer HDPE double wall corrugated pipes to lay underground for water transportation and such. HDPE double wall corrugated pipes are similar to normal HDPE pipes, except that they have two different designs on the interior and exterior surface of the pipes. HDPE stands for High-Density polyethene, which is extremely durable and offers a high life expectancy. They do not require much maintenance and can be installed underground without any care or constant cleaning even for years. Another unique feature of HDPE double wall corrugated pipes is that its inner wall is smooth-surfaced and polished to facilitate uniform flow of water, whereas its outer surface is profiled and corrugated to stand even under excessive load above the surface with optimum strength.

Characteristics Of HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipes

  • It is extremely easy to repair and requires minimum maintenance even in the long run.
  • It facilitates the efficient flow of fluids through its inner surface.
  • It is extremely flexible and does not break even under high stress or bending.
  • It provides high protection against corrosion and chemical resistance, as it is made of polyethene.

Uses Of HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipes

HDPE double wall corrugated pipes are mainly used in domestic households as pipes in water networks to and from houses. It is used to transport water from the motor which is kept underground to the tank above the surface. It is also used to carry out waste sewerage water around houses in streets, which is preferably kept underground so that any leakage does not cause spilling of drainage water in open areas. Apart from being used in domestic areas, it is also used in sewage treatment plants to carry the waste water into the plant and carry the treated water out of it. HDPE double wall corrugated pipes present multitudinous ranges of advantages over normal HDPE pipes and can be used even in extremely rugged areas and underground terrains, some of which are given below.

Advantages Of HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipes

  • It comes with an expected life service of around 75 – 100 years without requiring much maintenance or care.
  • It is environmentally safe as it is leak-proof and does not crack under pressure causing damage to soil and the environment.
  • It is cost-effective and economical as it requires minimum material to be manufactured.
  • The sewage materials or fluid do not adhere to the inner surface of the pipe, thus making the maintenance costs low too.
  • It is chemically inert thus reducing the chances of corrosion greatly, leaving no possibilities of damage due to such factors.
  • It is also much easy to install and set-up, and thus do not require heavy machinery or loading to be carried out during fixing of the pipes.
  • They come with easily fixable joints with Elastomeric Sealing rings, thus reducing the time for to almost just 2 – 5 minutes per joint.
  • It is flexible and adaptable to any type of soil texture and depth and is available in all lengths starting from 6 meters.
  • It comes with Green Piping material that is environment-friendly and sustainable.

Its corrugated shape at the outer surface ensures a wonderful combination of the lowest inner friction, smooth internal flow characteristics, high flexibility, superior strength to weight ratio and highest ability to support and distribute live and dead loads thereby easily meeting every installation condition required for domestic households and also for industrial purposes. It performs exceptionally well in high and low cover situations. All these aforementioned advantages provide a clear picture of why HDPE double wall corrugated pipes are preferable and clearly superior to other pipes.

Available sizes of HDPE DWC pipes

Sizes OD/ID

40 mm/32 mm

100/200/500 Mtrs.

100/200/500 Mtrs.

50mm / 38 mm

100 Mtrs.

63mm / 50 mm

6 Mtrs. & 30 Mtrs.

77mm / 63 mm

6 Mtrs. & 30 Mtrs.

90mm / 75 mm

6 Mtrs. & 30 Mtrs.

110mm / 95 mm

6 Mtrs. & 30 Mtrs.

120mm / 103.5 mm

6 Mtrs.

125mm / 107 mm

6 Mtrs.

160mm / 136 mm

6 Mtrs.

180mm / 163 mm

6 Mtrs.

200mm / 175 mm

6 Mtrs.

300mm / 260 mm

6 Mtrs.

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