What are HDPE DWC Pipes?

HDPE DWC stands for High Density Polyethylene Double wall corrugated. Double wall corrugated pipes have a different internal and external surface structure. This makes them more sturdier and long lasting than normal HDPE pipes. High Density Polyethylene material by itself is very strong and stiff and with the additional external corrugations its life expectancy is increased all the more. HDPE DWC pipes are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 75 mm to 1 metre diameters.

HDPE double wall corrugated pipes have been specifically designed using huge density polyethylene material to provide a cost effective solution to the people, who are looking for a replacement for RCC, GI and PVC pipes for the purpose of laying fibre optics cables and fibre electric cable networks. These pipes are much more superior in terms of technicality and have several advantages over others.
The basic material involved in the production of the double wall corrugated pipes, the High-density polyethylene, has the highest life expectancy. For this reason they last longer and have higher strength than the other pipes currently in use.

What can HDPE DWC pipes be used for?

These double corrugated wall pipes can be used for low-pressure drainage, sewerage and cross-drainage (pipe culvert). They can also be used for rain water harvesting and storm water drainage purposes. They are found to be extremely useful in areas prone to earthquakes where the high density tectonic plate movements can cause any ordinary pipes to crack. They can also be used in drainage and sewerage systems in hospitals, buildings, workshops and colonies.

What are the advantages of using HDPE DWC pipes?

  • HDPE DWC Pipes have a very high life expectancy. Once installed they can last from 75 up till 100 years compared to RCC and GI pipes. 
  • They are maintenance free and once installed underground they will lie safe for years. The inside surface is extremely smooth and also chemically inert and not adherent to the corrosive sewage elements. Hence they are not likely to get corroded and this in turn reduces the chances of the pipes getting damaged.
  • They are very light in weight. 
  • They are environmentally safe. Once installed, there will be no issue of leakage, cracks, breakage and hence no damage to the soil or environment.
  • Also these pipes are made from eco-friendly green piping material.
  • HDPE double wall corrugated pipes can be easily installed. There is no requirement for any heavy machinery for loading the pipes or laying them. This makes the installation process extremely quick and cost friendly. Also the man power requirement is very low. It doesn’t take more than a couple of hours to join them together. All you need are simple push fit joints with elastomeric sealing ring for online system or use extra couplers. 
  • These pipes are chemically resistive and inert to waste water ingredients and not susceptible to crown corrosion. 
  • They are comparatively lighter than RCC pipers and normal HDPE solid wall pipes. A 400 mm diameter HDPE pipe can weigh only about 8.4 kg per metre. 
  • They are flexible and adaptable to any kind of earth and soil conditions. 
  • These pipes are very cost-effective. They make minimal use of the material.
  • They are socio-environmental friendly. Their laying dies not disturb any existing urban clusters.

Technical specifications of HDPE DWC pipes

They follow the IS 16098 (Part 2): 3013 structured wall plastics piping system for low-pressure drainage and sewerage specification. The companies manufacturing the HDPE DWC pipes adhere to the IS 14930 standard and thus offer the best and economical way to provide for the sewage and other such needs for a much longer duration. These pipes carry the ISI mark IS 14930 part II.
DWC pipes are available in a standard length of 6 metres.
These pipes are manufactured on imported production lines and their known to match national as well as international standards.

Where are HDPE Double wall corrugated pipes used?

DWC pipes are easily available in the market for a reasonable price. There are traders who provide pipes in bulk when required for a big project. The unit length at which DWC is usually sold is 6 meters. The size and the diameter of the pipes varies. While buying you need to check the internal diameter and the external diameter of the pipe. Basically you need to have an idea about the thickness of the pipe. The industrial DWC pipes have a size of 40-300 mm. These are mostly used as sewage pipes and rain drainage pipes. Different dealers sell DWC pipes in different parameters. Some in unit length and some in length. The average rate is about 100 INR per unit or 200 INR per meter.

What to check while buying DWC pipes?

The main features that you require to check while buying Double Walled Corrugated pipes is the material and the strength. These pipes can come for a very cheap price but when the rate is low, the quality is compromised. The brand of the pipes determine how long the pipes will last. If you are buying for purposes like sewage or drainage, you must make sure the pipes are durable.

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