Conical Pole

In the vast variety of products of poles, many manufacturing companies also provide a broad variation of Conical Poles. The Conical poles are being manufactured by using high quality steel materials which promotes full assurance of super quality and lost lasting feature. The Conical Poles are being designed following the latest technology that is filled with innovativeness. The Conical poles are attached with polygonal shaped poles which are hollow in nature which are particularly circular in shape at the cross section area at both the ends. The Conical Poles are extensively used for lightning purposes in the roadways, streets and in other pedestrian areas. Moreover, the Conical Poles are available in different types with various specifications. The Conical Poles can be redesigned according to the requirements of the clients. The Conical Poles are available at different market leading prices.

The Conical Poles are galvanized so that they can be mounted above the ground level and will not easily get rusted as they are highly featured with strong and hot galvanized protection. Each Conical Pole is hot dip galvanized up to the length of nearly thirteen metres for preventing the pole part at ground level from getting affected by the corrosion and for protecting against the rust. The poles thus are constructed in such a way and in such a particular shape to impart the feature of extremely high strength. The Conical Poles are highly innovative than other conventional types of poles.
The Conical Poles are manufactured using one full length of sheet that is provided with continuous tapering at length wise. The different types of conical poles have internal doors of flushed type. The Conical Poles are designed and manufactured by imparting a circular shape to the metallic sheet. The shape is gained by following the continuous compression procedures on the bending machine . After this pressing process, the sheet is welded and fabricated as per the requirements. The conical poles are constructed with the help of hot rolled coils that easily provides a procured high tensional gaze of 490 mpa. As a result, the safety factor while using the Conical Pole is increased. The Conical poles are easy to move and shift. The poles can be reused again and again.


  • The performance factor is high. The Conical Poles are robust and strong.
  • Though strong, the Conical Poles are light in weight.
  • The Conical poles require less maintenance as they do not get easily rusted as they are highly galvanised.
  • The Conical Poles come in perfect sizes and shapes.
  • The Conical Poles are easy to handle and easy to use.
  • These poles are manufactured using simple and innovative designs.


  • Conical Poles are used in various Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems.
  • Conical Poles can also be used as flag holders.
  • This type of pole can also be used in exterior Hi-Bay Lighting aspects.
  • The Conical Poles are extensively used in systems of traffic light and sign.


  • The conical poles are easy to install.
  • The in-built boxes along with the poles impart a good look by maintaining the aesthetic aspect of the beauty.
  • Conical Poles require less or no maintenance.
  • The poles are galvanised which prevents the poles from rusting and protects from corrosion.
  • The Government bodies have completely approved the design of the conical poles.


  • The conical poles do not carry such disadvantages but the cost is somehow more. The price is justified for the quality and reliability that the poles possess for.

Final Words

According to the guidelines and deep knowledge of how to manufacture this Conical poles, Anil Rohit Group manufacturing have been producing this particular products in many designs to meet the desirable choices of the customers. The Anil Rohit Group ruling the market all these years as their manufacturing procedures follow the guidelines from the highly experienced engineers and thus produces highly innovative Conical poles that possess remarkable features that include high quality, durability, reliability and flexibility.

We Follow certain criteria while manufacturing these poles.

  • They have plasma cutting machines that are used for preparing the sheets and the metallic sheets are cut as per the length line for further procedures.
  • The metallic sheets are bent in a synchronous way using the press brake via the special type of manufacturing machine. The circular dies are also designed out for preparing the round conical poles.
  • The systems are automatic in nature. The machines follow automation system.
  • The machinery parts include a single shell welding machine which is used for welding the shell and also for automatic straightening of the metallic parts.
  • The finishing procedure which is automatic in nature is mainly for automatic design of plasma door opening, drilling and welding of base plate and nuts.

Product Details

Minimum Order Quantity1 Number
ApplicationStreet, Garden
MaterialMild Steel

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