Decorative Lighting Pole

The Decorative Lighting Poles are available in different designs ranging from the contemporary patterns to the modern design structures. The lamp posts or the Decorative Lighting Poles are manufactured in such ways to be used as tapered and fluted walkway and even in the streets and pavements as the street lighting poles. The Decorative Lighting Poles are designed by the architects and designers. Being a customer, you can also suggests some designs. New and innovative designs are being adapted day by day to meet the ever increasing demands and desires of every individuals. The basic designs of the Decorative Lighting Poles can be recreated following many choices that includes fluted shafts, colour combinations and decorative cast bases.

The Decorative Lighting Poles are really available in wider range of variety of shapes, characteristics and colours. The decorative poles for lighting purposes can be of many types such as top lighting and poles with angular brackets, circular brackets and conical or stepped form. The lighting poles can be filled with different accessories. The poles are designed in such a way that they are made very attractive. The Decorative Lighting Poles can be of many types depending upon the various engineered manufacturing processes. The lighting poles can be categorized as the Steel light poles, the laserpole, the plugpole, FRP light poles, Spun-concrete light poles and Small-volume logistics.

Steel light poles is less expensive and thus preserve back money for further replacement orders if required. The quality of the steel used in the manufacturing process of this type of pole is reliable and provides guarantee for long service period. The poles are also corrosion-free. The Steel light poles are also coloured and designed so that the colouration and patterns match with the surroundings. The laserpole street lights are more manufactured using advanced welding procedures. This laserpole is crafted with high-quality and stable designs. The welding processes involved in the manufacturing procedure of this laserpole reduces the possibility of corrosion. The plugpole is the product of beautiful colouration. The plugpole lighting pole is constructed with wood, stainless steel or concrete. The plugpole is created with sandblasted concretes that can withstand against the weather calamities. Powerful iron coatings also prevent the poles from corrosion. FRP light poles are made up of fiber-glass plastic type material that promotes extensive safety for the motorists in a passive way. This type of pole is fully insulated and non-conductive poles that will remain rigid in all the vehicle impacts. The FRP poles are highly stable in nature and they no maintenance. They are also very cost effective. Like other poles, FRP light poles carry the same feature of being corrosion-resistant. The poles will be resistant to different pollutants like carbon-dioxide and other impurities of roads. If any mechanical damage is caused to the FRP poles, then the damage at the surface can easily be repaired at a very nominal cost without facing any difficulty. This type of pole is also available with ultraviolet-resistant coating and also in all RAL colours. Spun-concrete light poles are scratch-resistant and have the ability to absorb impact shocks. This particular type of pole is extremely resistant to harsh environment conditions. The light poles are called as ‘spun-concrete light poles’ as they are made up of spun concrete. This spun-concrete light poles are highly attractive and are available in remarkably affordable prices. These products can bear great load. They are also available in round, rectangular and polygonal shapes.


  • The Decorative Lighting Poles are cost effective and available in many prices.
  • The lighting poles look very stylish.
  • The Decorative Lighting Poles are lighter in weight.
  • The construction of the Decorative Lighting Poles are sturdy in nature.
  • The lighting poles are available in various contemporary and modern designs.
  • The lighting poles can be decorated using different accessories and are available in various shapes and sizes.


  • Main streets of the highways.
  • Parks.
  • Town areas and streets.
  • Parking areas.
  • Different halls of communities.
  • Museums.


  • The Decorative Lighting Poles are corrosion resistant and thus do not get affected from the rust.
  • The quality of the materials, used in the manufacturing processes of the Decorative Lighting Poles, imparts long lasting durability to the poles.
  • The poles are of high strength.
  • The lighting poles are easy to install due to its light weight.
  • This type of poles need no maintenance.


  • The lighting poles with street lights can cause problem in the accommodation reflex of the eyes of the vehicle drivers.
  • More lighting poles with lights will cause light pollution that will adversely affect the astronomical roles of stars and even can cause disturbances in the migration of the birds.

Final Words

Different manufacturing companies now-a-days are there to produce exclusive variety of the Decorative Lighting Poles which are highly innovative and are manufactured with materials of superior quality. The Decorative Lighting Poles not only decorates the ambiance of the surroundings but also help to light up the surrounding regions.

Product Details

Height3 m-15 m
Pole ShapeRound conical

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