What is FRP & GRP

Composites are materials that enhance the quality of a product by changing properties like strength, conductivity etc. A “composite” is defined as an engineering material made up of 2 or more dissimilar materials. These unalike materials are called the matrix and the reinforcement. The matrix is added to the material to be reinforced. The matrix is either plastic (or “polymer”), metal or ceramic and the reinforcement can be particulate or fiber based.
In applications, the greater part of “composites” is fiber reinforced plastics abbreviated as FRP. The type of fiber could be glass, carbon, aramid etc. and the matrix used can be resins like polyester, vinyl ester, and epoxy.
“GRP”, glass reinforced plastic, additionally is scarcely ever used for high performance applications and may refer to proper manufacturing composites, “GRP” is a term that is generally reserved for poor-performing applications like swimming pools, shower booths, etc.
Poles made of these materials are extremely strong and durable. They have their advantages and disadvantages. FRP poles are used widely for several purposes.


  • Some features of the FRP/ GRP materials are as follows:

FRP is known for its mechanical power and a well-liked choice when it comes to corrosion or abrasion resistance. Additionally, is FRP very light weight, has brilliant temperature-resisting properties, offers thermal insulation and can be formed in complex shapes. Poles made of these materials can be very useful. FRP products are also very easy to repair and require minimum maintenance. FRP products are also renowned for their smooth internal and external surface and ability to bend into complex shapes.
The FRP/ GRP material properties overcome many disadvantages of conventional materials like those of steel and its resistance to chemical corrosion. Little maintenance and an extended product life time are the best properties of FRP materials and hence, FRP poles.


  • Lightweight

Fiber-reinforced poles offer excellent strength and are light weighted. This makes products simple to handle and fix.

  • Strength

Combination of particular resins and reinforcements can be used to enhance strength depending on what application they are used for. These poles exhibit high strength-to-weight ratio tensile strength, sheer strength and collision resistance.

  • Corrosion Resistance

These poles do not rust or corrode. There are many examples of glass fiber reinforced polyester poles being in working condition for more than 15 years, operating in extreme temperature environments. The FRP poles offer corrosion-resistant solutions. Properly designed poles have a long lasting life and require les maintenance.

  • Durability

Most of the GRP or FRP poles put in place more than 15 years ago have stayed the same because the composites are that strong. These composite poles work well in extreme conditions and are resistant to environmental damage causing factors such as U.V. damage, temperature variations, moisture, sand blasting effect and chemical exposure. They require very less planned maintenance. They are very durable.

  • Design Flexibility

Composites of such kind have a powerful feature which is their ability to be molded into intricate shapes with specific properties and possess smooth surface appearance. At a relatively low cost, poles which are formed of composites when the resin solidifies during production readily take on any shapes, bent or complex crises and crosses depending on the application.

  • Lack of Bend ability

Since poles made of fiber reinforced materials are flexible yet sturdy it makes them almost impossible to bend. This is why they can be used as light poles on streets which do not bend over even if they are a part of some accident. The extremely flexible, very tough fibers can be turned into a material which is almost impossible to bend. But it causes sheer stress which can prove to be quite damaging to the pole after a long period of time.


  • Cost

The cost of FRPs is the worst disadvantage. The cost of delivering a certain amount of force varies depending on what your location in the world is, the amount of material you are ordering and the form in which it is being supplied.

  • Brittleness 

It is true that the fiber poles have high strain capacity, but when it comes to being hard, they fail. They are brittle which has several consequences. A grouping of brittle materials is not as sturdy as the sum of its parts; even if one element fails it spreads load to its neighbor parts, which become overloaded and result in breakage.


Used in:

  • Street Light Poles
  • Traffic Light
  • Sign Boards
  • Installation of lights in chemical plants
  • Lighting in Parks, colony, Parking
  • Directional sign on roads
  • Advertisement boards etc.
  • Flag Poles
  • Telephone Lines & many more


Poles made of Fiber reinforced or glass reinforced materials can be extremely durable, possess high strength and abrasion resistance. They have a wide range of applications like flag and street light poles. In spite of having minor setbacks like cost, FRP or GRP poles are quite popular today.

Product Details

Minimum Order Quantity500 Meter
FeatureHeat Resistant
Size5 cmx100 m

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