Push-Fit Coupler

The push-fit couplers are becoming extremely popular nowadays and are more readily available than alternatives such as CPVC and PVC. This is due to the fact the push-fit couplers are easy to use, do not require any experience and also do not make use of any chemical solvents or dangerous torches. The mechanism is that these push-fit couplers contain a series of metal spurs which is placed inside the fittings that grip on to the pipes tightly when the pipes are pushed inside the fitting sockets.


These push-fit couplers have a series of metal spurs inside it which helps to tightly grip onto the pipes when the pipes are inserted into the sockets. The Neoprene O-rings fitted inside the push-fit coupler ensure that the whole pipe-socket junction is waterproof. These can also be used in connections which are to be hidden from the outside world, i.e. behind the walls. You can easily make joints and also repair at a fast rate if you are using the push-fit coupler. Irrigation push-fit coupler is also available in the markets which can be easily used to make connections for the irrigation sprinklers. The push-fit couplers are manufactured by different companies. Even though these differ in the outward appearances, the inside configuration is the same and also has the same mechanism of working.


  1. The push-fit couplers can be used for both plastics as well as copper piping. Plastic pipes are quite flexible whereas the latter isn’t. Push-fit couplers are suitable for both these types of pipings.
  2. Connections can be made very easily and perhaps the speed of making connections increases as well. These are truly helpful in case of emergencies. All you have to do id simply push the push-fit the couplers to the spot.
  3. It is the best way to make connections, as the person making the connections do not have to solder or use other glues or clamps to make two pipes stick together.
  4. When making connections with the push-fit couplers, the pipers need not be dry, which can be considered as one of the biggest advantages. Whereas in case of PVC and CPVC, the pipe should be dry or else the solvent gluing may not work properly.
  5. The push-fit couplers are available in different materials for various applications. All pipes available in the market have corresponding push-fit couplers in the market as well.
  6. The push-fit couplers can easily be removed and kept back in position as well. If a connection is to be made temporarily, then push-fit couplers will be the best choice, as you can remove it easily once your need is over.
  7. Longer lengths of pipe can be achieved as very few joints are required, hence making it cost effective.
  8. The push-fit couplers can be used make connections that are done inside the walls or ceilings.
  9. Can be used to connect different pipes or make joints irrespective of the fluid that is passing through it. The only thing is, the push-fit coupler and the pipe should be of the same material.


  1. Many professional plumbers still use the conventional methods instead of the push-fit couplers. So if you are planning to do the repairing works alone, the plumbers who have done the works initially may have used the conventional methods. Thus a mismatch can happen. So it is always better to consult with your plumber before doing the repairs.
  2. Even though the push-fit couplers are easy to install and is cost-effective, a question arises about its overall effectiveness and how long does it last. Thus these are not commonly preferred by the professional plumbers.


The push-fit couplers are used mainly in piping made for temporary used. It is also used for making connections in irrigation systems. These couplers can also be seen in household piping as it is extremely easy to do the connections when there is a fault or when the pipe requires maintenance. These can also be used to join all sorts of pipes irrespective of the fluid they carry, may it be hot or cold fluids. Conventional methods of joining two pipes can’t be used as the gluing agent reacts differently with different fluids.

The push-fit coupler is a great invention as it helps people to easily make connections or small repairs without calling a professional plumber. The mechanism of working of the push-fit coupler is also very easy, so the user need not have any previous experience with these couplers to handle it. It is used commonly by people to make new connections which are temporary and also used in cases where much load or stress is not applied onto the surface of the pipes with which it is connected. No wonder, these couplers are replacing the old conventional method of gluing two pipes together and waiting to get the pipes glued together.

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